Social Media Management

Social media is one of the most effective tools to connect with your potential customers. Yet, it is not easy to navigate the complexity of the different channels and reach the right customers. To help you reach success, work with an exceptional professional who can create a long-term strategy, continuously innovate and look for ways to leverage the full power of social media.


Why you should focus on social media:

  • Go where your customers are- From business leaders to teenagers, social media networks now form an integral part of our lives. Internet users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media.  Being on social media means meeting your customers where they already spend their time.

  • Direct and interactive communication - social media allows us to establish a conversation with our customers - through active engagement, messages, comments and replies, we build a 2-way relationship with our followers.

  • Establish a strong brand image - show who you are and what you stand for. Differentiate yourself from your competitors, and stand out with your uniqueness on the market.

  • Deliver value to customers - going above and beyond your product, your service, you can help you communicate with customers and make sure they make the most out of your product.

  • Adaptable to any stage of the funnel - social media can be used from creating interest with brand new customers, to drive conversion or keep customer retention.

  • Diverse tools - video, written content, visuals, polls, discussions, games - you have a great variety of media to show who you really are.

Holistic Process to Success

  1. Research - get to know your market, competitors, and customers!

  2. Brand - let's build together your unique image.

  3. Voice and tone - establish your own, distinguished social media voice.

  4. Content types - written content, visuals, videos about topics your audience cares about and drives your business.

  5. Organic and paid strategies -  we choose the tools and strategies that will work best for you.

  6. Content calendar - modern tools support when, where and what we are posting.

  7. SMART goals - establish what we want to achieve and set up measurements.

  8. Analyze and iterate - understand your results and follow up on market trends.


Brand, marketing and social media management for a cloud service company

  • The top-tier certified Amazon Partner, of which there are only 21 in the United States and 71 in the world

  • Designed a brand new image, website, and set up new social media profiles

  • Grew organically from 0 to 18 new followers in 1 month (compared to its main competitor with 126 followers)

  • Driven website traffic to 30% from social media outlets

Blockchain news platform swift growth

  • Introduced a new social media tool - subtitled videos

  • Increased LinkedIn followers from 2K to 15K in 4 months

  • Raised engagement in other platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook

  • These strategies led to higher revenues and significant partnerships

Niche social media platform (ongoing)

  • established and led a branding workshop, which redefined the direction and business strategy of the company

  • Established new target personas

  • Re-defined and united the social media voice and note of the company

Stockmarket educational platform

  • Compiled highly engaging social media posts for 30 days which helped to increase followers by 7%