Content Writing and Marketing

Content Writing

I have started to write my own blog as a passion project in the spring of 2018. Not before long my passion has turned into a full time profession and I have started to write and create content marketing for a living.

My superpower is to explain complicated content in an easy-to-understand and engaging way.

I keep on the top of industry trends, attend a variety of training to provide the best possible services.

Success stories

Blockchain Flash News- Content Manager:

  • developed and grew educational section Flash Learn- driving top engagement week by week on the website

  • managed team of writers and provided huge growth in terms of followers and quality content

  • lead to new partnerships and increased revenues via smart content targeting

Token Investor Online- Content Writer and Marketing Advisor:

  • Wide-variety of content- analysis, guides and opinion

  • Highest shares on social media

Other outlets:

  • Coin Review

  • Data Driven Investor

  • Enkode IT and business consulting

My blog:

  • Drove engagement both on LinkedIn and on the website

  • High engagement in crypto-community


Marketing is how you choose to communicate to the outside world- how you express your brand. With great content, smart strategy and constant innovation we can launch your product right under the nose of the target customers!

Success stories

Cloud Life Consulting- Brand and Marketing Manager:

  • established marketing strategy from scratch

  • driving engagement on new social media pages as Twitter, LinkedIn

  • provided new audience and SEO-friendly content for the website

InnoEnergy Community- Brand and Social Media Marketing Manager:

  • redesigned the concept of social media channels

  • created strategy for the new audience target group

Wall Street Survivor- Social Media Contributor:

  • provided engaging social media posts for Twitter and LinkedIn