Love Tech


“The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed.”

William Gibson


Hello Tech!

I have always been curious about the world. Growing up this mostly meant the physical world and my imagination. I peered into every cupboard, tried whatever I could, and read every books in an arms reach.

With the spread of the digital world I have found a new horizon to explore. I have started my tech mania in my early twenties, when I realized that I do not know anything about my beloved online world. I was intrigued by questions as why do websites work, why does Spotify know what I want, and had a myriad of ideas to make lives better with tech.

I have dived into coding, data analytics, and new technologies. Finally I ended up at the Digital Business MBA at Bologna Business School.

I have learned to see technology not just as a game-changer but a creative tool. We came up with new business models based on innovative technologies, learned applications in the real-world, the ups and downs of tech and the immense potential uses.

I came out with a brand new capability- being able to put the newest tech into our very real world. I chose to do this by branding and marketing.

New technologies are scary. Customer may not know what they could do with it, why is this good for them. I find that great content, friendly interfaces, engaging communication is just as much necessary as the code behind.

If you have an amazing digital product, and you are seeking a partner to develop and market it- look no further! I am happy to help you set up your growth strategy and tell the whole world. Get in touch soon!