Do you sometimes just wonder about how you came to where you are now? Do you think about where you want to go? This article is to share with you my journey and inspiration. It might be too personal compared to the usual subjects. But I feel the need to tell you my story.

It has been a long road, and there is way more to come.


giphyGrowing up in Slovakia in the 90s, we were not the ones with big dreams. We did not aspire to change the world, earn billions, and donate everything to charity. Or at least, I did not. I was fairly normal, and very happy until my Disney movie was on. I did like to be with people, I was never too shy, and I always loved to help. Ambition was unknown for a while.

At 14 years old I decided to apply for a better, bilingual high school in Hungary. It was the first time I think I really wanted something, and I got it. However, my ambition got dialled back, as soon as my teenage years got too exciting to study. I was the one with the colourful report cards. I still got into the #1 university in Budapest. I became a member of a student association, organizing events, creating camps and building teams of freshmen, I worked at Michelin regional HQ, and I studied. Except the 2 months in a year at finals, I still did not feel like I reached maximum capacity, and I was OK with that. All this time, I was putting in just as much effort as necessary to get where I wanted.

I started to think- if I actually do make an effort, I can make something great in this world.

giphy1During my internship in Spain I had my first experience in luxury hospitality. I liked it- you are surrounded with people, and trying to find more and new ways to please the guests. It seemed to be enough challenge and fun. I started applying for a job in hospitality, and soon got to Amsterdam as a Front Desk Agent. From there my career quickly progressed, and I managed to get my first management position at 25. I started dipping my toes into technology- leading the integration of a new CRM system, promoting Marriott Mobile Services.

In my free time I started to code, and get more and more interested in tech (check out my super amateur website here). I started to have the feeling, that tech could be more than a casual interest.

Nevertheless, I decided to take one more shot in hotels, and I moved to Venice to work in a different property. I was duty manager on a luxury private island, leading my team and serving guests.

But something was missing…

I missed innovation. I missed great ideas, and new solutions to make existing things easier, or invent new ways. I realized I want to be doing this on the long run- find ways to improve life, solve smart problems, use the advancement of technology to move the world forward.

There wasn't more time to waste, and I started working towards my dream. I figured: if I like innovation so much, why not innovate myself?

I enrolled in the Digital Business Executive MBA program of Bologna Business School.

I arrived in a whole new world. Most of the class had way more work experience than me. I was intimidated a bit, but super happy to be there. The subjects were interesting, and the 3 days in Bologna grew to be a highlight of my month. I have found my passion and some tortellini.  

I tried to make up for my age and lack of experience: I did my homework, studied, immersed myself in new business skills. I learned about business models, strategies,


big data, experience design, and plenty more. I spent hours of my time reading again the slides, finding more information about interesting topics, and writing homework. I was even calculating my business performance analysis homework on my holiday at the beach. I tried to come up with unusual ideas for traditional problems. I redesigned the concierge service in my own company. I wrote the script of my imaginary chatbot. I imagined a new customer strategy for a kitchen device. I kept on following courses and study more in my free time.


I started my blog to write about my experiences, ideas, thoughts which just couldn't fit in my head anymore.


This is only the start of my hustle

I want to keep on exploring, digging deeper into how success happens in our new world of business. I want to make people happier, life easier, and leave this world a better place. I want to work alongside people who have big dreams, and together create something great.

I will consult, connect, analyze, cooperate, and lead to succeed.

I intend to put all my strengths, all the effort I can to make this dream happen. No more slacking.

I thrive on my perfectionism, enjoy the drive for excellence in my work. I keep bringing my determination to get things done. I adapt easily to new cultures and situations, and grow my empathy towards people. I will keep on building excellent client relations and make life better. I will slowly take down my weaknesses, grow new strengths, and learn as much as I can.


The digital world is rough- there are innovations almost every day, completely new ways of doing business, unforeseen risks and tough competition. It comes with constant learning, flexibility, creative, strategic and analytical thinking. I love it.


For everyone out there

Make your dreams happen.

Find something which makes you tick.

Learn, grow and believe in yourself.


This is not the end.

This is my restart.