Why branding?

I like to think of branding as a character. It is something both people and organizations have. Unavoidable.

What is our brand or character?

Our character is defined by the way we choose to behave. The way we display ourselves, do certain activities, a way to communicate. While as people this might come from our innate personality, as companies we have the liberty to form it freely together.

Why should we bother with our brand?

With a brand we can choose who we want to be. We can choose to be something our customers love.

A strong brand gives a solid foundation for your company. Your brand will become an entity. Everyone around -your employees, customers, stakeholders- will easily identify with the brand both on emotional and practical levels. It is your raison d'être made visible.

10 things a brand gives you

  1. Clear image of who you are and where you are going

  2. Base for wide-spread growth

  3. Clear vision of the future

  4. Defined place in the market

  5. Deep connection to customers

  6. Competitive advantage

  7. Stronger employee engagement

  8. Recognisable image and look

  9. Omni-channel possibilities

  10. Revolutionary approach to your company

Success stories

Cloud Life Consulting- Brand and Marketing Manager

  • created new brand style and voice

  • adopted brand on a website in vision and content

  • helped to create clear targeting and values

InnoEnergy Community- Brand and Social Media Manager:

  • redefined the brand in a full-day branding workshop

  • helped streamline the offering

  • created alignment in values, target and services

Token Investor Online:

  • conducted initial market research

  • uncovered potential areas for focus

  • established new brand approach and outreach strategy