It all started when…

During my MBA studies I have attended a lecture about Blockchain. The technology immediately captured me: I saw the possibility of not just a tech trend, but a way to build a better world.

A world where transparency and honesty is a norm, and not a nice-to-have value. Where us, individuals, take back the power from corporations, and build shared value, where we all contribute. A world which is more efficient and fair. I like to believe, that we do not become trustless, but trust becomes the base of all our transactions. We have the chance to share our resources better, raise efficiency and create more value.

My all time favourite video about blockchain- in case you would not already know it.

Skepticism is all around us- we are lacking use cases, there are technical details to add, laws to comply to. The road is very long ahead for blockchain to reach its full potential.

I believe it is incredibly important, to understand and share the full potential behind blockchain technology. That is why I continued researching blockchain, and putting my learnings here. I tried to put blockchain and its potential in an easy-to-understand form: as I want all the people to comprehend in how many ways we can change our current reality.

I am inspired by blockchain projects which challenge the status quo. I am happy to participate in managing blockchain projects, creating content, bringing creative customer-friendly solutions, and contributing my part to a better tomorrow.

If you need to understand blockchain better, get support with your current or upcoming projects, reach out to the masses and engage them- get in touch!