Hi, I'm Barbora,

First of all, thank you for visiting my page!

Let me take the chance to introduce myself here, and share with you why, how and what I do!

My why

Since I was little I wanted to make people happy around me. I was super curious, and loved the detective and treasure hunting stories. I was also a bit lazy, which made me look for the most effective and enjoyable way to do anything.

I brought these notions with me in my adult life, and now I find my passion in finding creative and effective solutions to solve complex problems for people.

I believe we live in the age of modern magic: technology can make unimaginable things possible, and by understanding technology we can fully reap its benefits.

My how

I pride myself on being dedicated: I push hard to achieve my goals, and get the best results possible.

I care about people- I empathise with customers and the people around me. This helps me to understand their exact needs and provide just what they would like.

I love learning new things- I am not afraid to dip my toes into something new, I like a challenge, and I learn fast.

Strong, but flexible character- although I come on as a strong character, I tend to adapt fast to new cultures and the people around me.

My what

I use my motivations and skills to provide a fantastic brand experience and outstanding marketing. I help customers in need to find the amazing services my clients do. I build comprehensive, creative and strong marketing strategies. I constantly research the latest trends to stay on top of my game and come up with engaging content to boost your brand.

I share my love of tech via my blog. I believe, that by making easy to understand articles and explanations we can make tech accessible to anyone interested. I specifically enjoy writing about blockchain, as it is a revolutionary technology, which can enable us as individuals to take back the power from giant corporations.

I was born and raised in Slovakia, but my origins are Hungarian. I am a long time expat-I have been on the road since I was 14 years old! I have been living in 5 countries, and visited many more. Travel helps me to understand diverse cultures, find adventure, get to know new people and perspectives.

In my free time, I keep on learning things, read plenty of books, enjoy my love of food, and spend time with amazing people.

To know more details check out my resume below, or contact me!